Workers’ Compensation Coverage For Scarring, Hearing And Vision Loss

Some workplace injuries or illnesses cause loss, but you can still work so they do not fall into traditional disability categories. For example, on some job sites, hearing loss may occur over time. A worker would still be able to work but would have partial deafness that may require a hearing aid and would affect the worker’s quality of life.

A section of the workers’ compensation statutes provides for specific losses. At Cullen Legal in Bristol, we have helped workers receive workers’ compensation benefits for specific losses, including:

  • Loss of vision – Blindness is included, as well as reduced or blurry vision
  • Loss of hearing – Deafness is included, as well as partial hearing loss
  • Disfigurement – Includes dental deformities from broken teeth, broken nose and other mutilations or visual defects
  • Amputations – Includes fingers, toes, legs, arms and partial amputations
  • Scarring – Includes facial scarring, any scar above the collar line and including Keloidal scarring

As just one example, attorney Robert Cullen once represented a firefighter who was burned by an ember on his face, leaving a linear scar. Because of the facial scar, the client was able to receive an additional 20 weeks of wage loss benefits.

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