Dependents Of Deceased Workers May Receive Death Benefits

In the tragic event of a death due to a workplace injury or occupational disease, Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law provides compensation to a surviving spouse and any dependent children. Benefits may be available to children over 18 years old in certain circumstances or parents or siblings if it can be shown they were dependent on the decedent.

In addition to covering burial costs, the recipients are entitled to a percentage of the decedent’s average weekly wage. It may be provided in regular installments or negotiated as a lump sum payment. A surviving spouse is entitled to benefits for life unless they remarry. Children may receive benefits until they turn 18 or, if they are full-time students, until age 23. A child with a disability may also receive benefits beyond age 18.

A work-related death may also be cause for a wrongful death lawsuit. When you contact Cullen Legal, we can help you explore this possibility and connect you with effective legal counsel.

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It is important for a surviving spouse and children to protect their rights by working with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Cullen Legal in Bristol provides knowledgeable legal counsel, directing Bucks County clients through negotiation and litigation in all types of workers’ compensation matters.

Attorney Robert L. Cullen is certified as a specialist in workers’ compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on workers’ compensation law, as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

A death resulting from a construction site accident is clearly work-related, but other deaths that qualify for death benefits may not be as straightforward. Recovering workers’ compensation benefits are among the most complex cases in workers’ compensation law. The lawyer you work with will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

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