We Want To Be Financially Transparent – Here’s How We Get Paid

Cullen Legal provides representation in workers’ compensation cases and Social Security Disability matters to clients in Bucks County and surrounding areas. On this page, you can read more detailed explanations of how we are compensated for our work on behalf of clients.

How do you get paid for workers’ compensation cases?

Workers’ compensation attorneys are generally paid on a contingency basis. This means, we do not get paid unless you do. The standard fee for all lawyers is 20%. On occasion, the employer can be made to pay the fee, if they contest a claim unreasonably.

An attorney’s fee always has to be approved by a judge. Once it is approved, your employer’s insurer will deduct our fee from your weekly indemnity check or lump sum settlement. The insurer will then send the attorney’s fee directly to us.

However, keep in mind that even before Cullen Legal takes a case, all consultations are free. We also take care of all out-of-pocket legal expenses such as deposition fees, expert reports, the cost to obtain medical records, transcripts, etc.

How do you get paid for Social Security Disability cases?

A Social Security Disability lawyer only gets paid if they submit their fee agreement to the judge and the judge approves it. The standard rate for all lawyers is 25%, deducted only from any back-owed benefits that the judge may award. There is no deduction from your monthly Social Security check.

There is a maximum fee that all lawyers can charge on back-owed benefits. Currently, that maximum charge is $6,000.

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