5 steps for safer scaffolding

Scaffolding is extremely dangerous to work on because it puts you at a great height. If you are on it and fall, you could be badly injured. If items fall from the scaffolding, then people below you could be injured, too. There are some excellent tips that can help...

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How to safely lift heavy goods 

You complete various tasks in your job but sometimes you have to lift heavy goods. If you’re doing this on a regular basis, then you really need to think about protecting your body. Lifting heavy items can result in nasty injuries, especially to the neck, back and...

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Have you been burned at work?

Depending on your role, you’ll be exposed to different safety risks every day. Both staff and employers should work hard to keep these risks to a minimum, but sometimes, accidents are just unavoidable. One of the more common types of injuries suffered in the workplace...

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