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You Shouldn't Have To Fight For Workers' Comp Benefits

Philadelphia Workers' Compensation Blog

Fight your right to just compensation for an on the job injury

Working in construction is a dangerous job. You deal with heavy equipment, power tools, and job sites filled with hazards. Even when you try to be careful, accidents happen. Now that you have been injured, you may be wondering how long your workers’ compensation benefits will last, or maybe your benefits have ended, and you are still not able to return to work. There are options for continuing to receive the support you need.


Remember that you are the boss when it comes to your own safety

If you are a member of the construction workforce of Pennsylvania, you will likely be very aware of the life-threatening hazards you have to face every day. This is just as well, because recognizing the dangers may help you to avoid situations that may lead to severe workplace injuries. Although workers in any industry could be injured, construction sites pose significantly more hazards than retail stores or office buildings.

Safety authorities say that falls are the primary causes of fatal construction accidents, and for that reason, it is not surprising that extensive safety regulations exist for fall prevention and protection. Your jobs on site may frequently put you on scaffolding structures, which pose a host of hazards.

Retirement, workers' comp and WCMSA

You may have made it through your entire career without suffering a significant on-the-job injury, but now, as you approach retirement, you suffered a serious injury at work. After months of recovery, you realize that reaching 100 percent just isn't going to happen and you may not be able to return to work.

Since you are so close to retirement, you may consider negotiating a lump sum settlement of your workers' compensation claim. That may be the best avenue for you, but you may want to understand what it would mean to settle your claim for a lump sum payment.

Carpal tunnel: A small problem with a big impact

Carpal tunnel is a syndrome that affects a very small part of the body, yet it can have a big impact. This condition is often the result of repetitive motion, and Pennsylvania workers in certain types of jobs may be more prone to this type of injury. It takes medical care and time to recover from carpal tunnel, and it can affect a person's ability to do his or her job.

If you recently learned that you have carpal tunnel as a result of your job, you could have a rightful claim to certain types of benefits. Workers' compensation benefits are not only for people who suffered injuries in jobsite accidents, but are also for those who developed medical issues over time because of their jobs.

Your eyes are the prize

It may be no comfort to know that 90 percent of all injuries to the eyes are preventable. However, because eye injuries often happen so quickly, literally in a blink, it may be too late to employ protection. There is no doubt you have spent the time since your eye injury replaying the incident and regretting your delay in applying safety measures.

Some surveys show that about 60 percent of those with eye injuries were not wearing protection at the time of their accidents. It may also surprise you that in many of those cases, their jobs did not require protective eyewear. Perhaps in your line of work, eyewear was optional.

Are psychological injuries grounds for workers' compensation?

Any injury suffered as the result of your job is grounds for a workers' compensation claim, even if that injury is internal or psychological. People often overlook the severity and long-reaching impact that a psychological injury can have on a person's quality of life. Many Pennsylvania workers who experienced trauma or mental anguish as the result of their work or a work-related incident go without help.

Could rate of worker's comp claims rise in next four years?

In the 2016 Presidential election, President-elect Donald Trump won every Rust Belt state including Pennsylvania. Workers in the area were won over by Trump's campaign promise to bring back American jobs and protect American trade interests. But, could increase in jobs raise the number of worker's compensation claims?

According to a new report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of occupational injuries and illnesses continued its 13-year decline in 2015. Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health David Michaels said he is "encouraged" by the decline but says the 2.9 million non-fatal injuries and illness in 2015 are "still far too many."

Use workers' compensation example to improve safety

Pennsylvania workers may be subject to dangerous working conditions. However, they may be able to lower instances of serious workplace injuries by implementing improved safety practices and programs. Unfortunately, many of these changes do not occur until a serious accident happens.

Why some workers' compensation claims are denied

Pursuant to Pennsylvania workers' compensation laws, most employees who experience an occupational injury or disease have a right to certain benefits. To obtain these benefits, the injured employee must immediately file a workers' compensation claim; however, the employee must wait until the insurance company investigates the claim before he or she can receive the benefits.

Adjustments for federal safety violations

Employers in Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation will discover that the price for the violation of federal laws regarding occupational health and safety has increased significantly since 1990. Beginning in August of 2016, the penalties are being increased by almost 80 percent.

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