3 major safety concerns for those who cook for a living

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Workplace Injuries

Many professionals in Pennsylvania work in the food service industry. From fast casual dining establishments and fast food restaurants to fine dining venues, there are many different types of culinary businesses across the state.

Those working in the kitchens of these establishments may not need to deal with customers directly, but they have plenty of other safety risks. Kitchens are very dangerous environments, and workers can end up hurt badly enough that they require time away from work to recover. The following are among the most pressing job hazards in commercial kitchen environments.

Burns from various sources

Younger workers with less experience may be at elevated risk of getting hurt through burns on the job, but workers of any age can get burned in a kitchen. Obviously, working with open flame and boiling water creates a risk of thermal burns. In some restaurants, workers may also handle special compounds that put them at risk of chemical burns. Additionally, there is always the possibility of a steam burn or a burn caused by electrical supply. Burns can be painful and may put someone at risk of severe infection. They can also create a food safety hazard and may force someone to take a leave of absence from work.


Those working in a kitchen are usually aware of how stressful and hectic these work environments can be. Particularly when one person must cover multiple stations in a kitchen, they could potentially slip while working and get hurt as a result. Falls in kitchens can lead to burns, cuts and broken bones. Any of those injuries might require medical care and could leave someone unable to work until their injuries heal.

Overexertion injuries

Rushing and lifting heavy cooking equipment can both be dangerous job responsibilities. Kitchen workers are at risk of sprains and strains caused by lifting heavy equipment or repetitive work motions. Those injuries could affect their job performance and necessitate a temporary leave of absence. They may also lead to medical expenses. Thankfully, workers’ compensation benefits can help kitchen workers injured on the job.

Even in scenarios where employees make a mistake that leads to an on-the-job injury, workers’ compensation coverage may still be available. Knowing both common job hazards and what systems are in place for someone’s protection can help people limit the danger they accept as part of an employment arrangement.