Understanding Medical Compensation In Workers’ Comp Claims

There are two aspects to a workers’ compensation claim: the medical compensation side (hospital, doctor and other health care fees) and the indemnity side (lost wages). Your disability may be classified as either partial or total. Partial disability is when you can work in some capacity, but cannot perform your previous job. Total disability is when you cannot work in any capacity. You can be further categorized as having a temporary disability (a broken leg that will heal) or a permanent disability (an amputated leg that requires a prosthesis).

At Cullen Legal, we understand the disability designations and what conditions must be met to be classified as eligible to receive workers’ compensation wage-loss benefits. Our law firm can help you by filing your workers’ comp claim and monitoring its progress, as well as by appealing any denied claims and negotiating a lump sum settlement.

Contact us if your employer or the insurer asks you to attend an independent medical exam (IME) or an impairment rating evaluation (IRE). They may be attempting to suspend, modify or halt your workers’ compensation benefits for medical treatment.

Experience With An Insider’s Perspective

It is not uncommon for problems to occur with medical coverage, bill payment or other medical compensation issues. Attorney Robert Cullen began his legal career representing employers and insurance companies, and today represents employees and workers in workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability claims and appeals.

Attorney Cullen is a Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation. He is one of a select group of attorneys that have been certified as a Specialist by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law, as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Please contact our Bucks County law firm if you have an issue similar to any of these:

  • Treatment determined to be not reasonable and must be challenged
  • Medical provider not being paid in a timely manner
  • Medical treatment denied by physician
  • Incorrect amounts being paid to medical providers
  • Specific treatment not covered

Your physical recovery and the cost of it may depend upon how the injury was described. For this and many other reasons, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is a valuable asset to protect your rights and your recovery.

Contact A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Advocate

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