Learn how to apply for workers’ comp benefits in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

A workplace injury can lead to life-long disabilities, high medical debt, long-term healthcare, lost wages, unemployment and financial struggle. You may have the option to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ comp provides eligible, injured workers with medical coverage and lost wages.

After a workplace injury, it is important to act quickly or you could lose out on beneficial medical coverage through workers’ comp. Here are the steps to take to apply for workers’ comp:

Report your injury

To begin the workers’ comp claim process, you must report your injuries to your employer. You have 120 days to report your injury. Reporting your injury within 21 days, you may start receiving benefits from the date of your injury. 

Seek medical help

To receive full benefits, you will likely need to get documentation from a doctor or medical practitioner explaining the depths of your injury. You can use a medical report to show how your injury is preventing you from working.

Apply for benefits

A workers’ comp claim can begin within 3 years of the initial report. A successful claim can help you recover from your financial losses.

Appeal a denial 

There are a few reasons why your workers’ comp claim could be denied. For example, your injuries must have occurred while working. Any injuries outside of work typically are not applicable. Missing a deadline could prevent you from getting a successful benefits claim. Self-inflicted wounds, substance use and instigating a fight can also lead to a denied claim. However, you can appeal a denial if you believe there is a reason you should receive benefits. 

Discuss your workers’ compensation benefit options

You can reach out for legal guidance to discuss your workers’ compensation benefit options and help you file a claim. Legal guidance is also available to help you appeal a denial.