Navigating a halt in workers’ compensation benefits

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Being a construction worker is a demanding job, and unfortunately, worksite injuries are a common occurrence. Thankfully, state law helps protect injured workers through workers’ compensation, offering financial support for medical bills and lost wages during recovery.

However, encountering a situation where your benefits are stopped prematurely can be stressful and leave you wondering what to do next. If you’re a construction worker facing a halt in your workers’ compensation benefits in the Keystone State, it can help to explore the steps you can take in this situation.

Understanding why your benefits might stop

There are a few reasons why your benefits might be paused. One possibility is that the insurance carrier believes you’ve reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), meaning your condition is unlikely to improve further. Another reason could be a dispute regarding the legitimacy of your injury or the extent of your disability. Additionally, refusing recommended medical treatment or failing to attend scheduled appointments could lead to a suspension of benefits.

Steps to take when your benefits stop

If your workers’ compensation benefits are stopped in Pennsylvania, your first action should be gathering the necessary documentation. Try to collect all paperwork related to your injury claim, including:

  • Accident reports
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Benefit payment records

This documentation will be crucial for any communication with the insurance company or legal representation.

You should also contact the insurance carrier to try to understand why your benefits were stopped. Reach out to the insurance company handling your claim and request a clear explanation for the termination. You should expect details regarding the reason and any potential next steps.

Suppose you disagree with the insurance company’s decision. In that case, you are entitled to request a formal hearing with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This hearing allows you to present evidence supporting your claim and argue for the continuation of your benefits.

Regardless of the benefits situation, prioritize your health and continue with all recommended medical treatment. This can aid your recovery and strengthen your claim by demonstrating your commitment to getting better.

Having your workers’ compensation benefits stopped can be a significant setback. However, you can navigate this situation as effectively as possible by understanding your rights, taking appropriate action and seeking legal guidance. Remember, you are entitled to fair treatment under Pennsylvania law, and resources are available to support you through this process.