Workers’ compensation could help after a Pennsylvania crash

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Most people involved in Pennsylvania car crashes know that they can file insurance claims. However, they may misunderstand the type of insurance they can utilize. Obviously, drivers have a responsibility to maintain liability coverage. Those who are not to blame for a Pennsylvania car crash can typically file a claim against the insurance policy of the driver who caused the wreck.

Still, there are certain challenges generated by the liability-based car insurance system. Those involved in a crash depend on the party at fault for the wreck to provide coverage. Their claims are also subject to strict policy limits. In some cases, the expenses generated in a collision are several times higher than the coverage the other driver carried. If the crash occurred while someone was on the clock, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation coverage in addition to basic car insurance coverage.

Workplace collisions are a major job risk

According to an analysis of worker injuries performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), crashes are among the most common sources of severe workplace injuries and worker fatalities.

Thousands of employees in Pennsylvania have to drive as part of their employment. There are commercial drivers operating semi-trucks and delivery drivers dropping off pizzas and groceries at people’s homes. Managers of retail facilities may drive to pick up supplies or take a deposit to the bank. Repair and service professionals may go directly to a client’s home or business. Anytime a worker is on the road while on the clock or are otherwise engaged in work-related activities, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation coverage if they get hurt.

Why workers’ compensation claims are worthwhile

Workers can receive full medical coverage through workers’ compensation. Those who use their own health policies for injuries may have to pay deductibles or coinsurance. There also aren’t strict policy limits as there might be when using bodily injury liability car insurance coverage.

Secondly, the need to take time off from work is a concern as well. Workers may have only a limited amount of paid leave from their employment. Workers’ compensation can help replace some of their lost wages until they can return to work. Finally, those who initiate a workers’ compensation claim may have an easier time getting their employers to accommodate them so that they can return to their jobs as quickly as possible after the incident.

Notifying employers about work-related crashes and then pursuing workers’ compensation benefits can be a reasonable reaction to collisions that result in worker injuries.