What does shooting back pain mean?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Head, Neck and Back Injuries

There are many different types of back pain that an injured person can experience. Some people have a dull pain that is more of an ache, and it may last for a long time. But others will have more temporary pain that may be more severe. In some cases, this is a sharp pain or a “shooting” pain that seems to move through the body.

Often, when dealing with this type of pain, it is a nerve compression issue. The nerve itself is being pinched or pressure is being applied to it, and that is what’s causing the discomfort.

For example, say that someone suffers a back injury that leaves them with inflamed muscles. The body tries to protect itself while it heals, using the muscles to protect the spine. But each time that those muscles tighten, they pinch the nerve and shooting pain moves through the person’s body. The nerve is continually irritated, and this pain can be debilitating, massively reducing someone’s range of motion.

Radiating into the extremities

Another thing to look for with nerve issues is that the pain may seem to radiate down through the body. It starts as back pain, but it may move through the pelvis and even down through the back of a person’s leg. This could be an indicator that it’s really a nerve issue, which is causing the pain to move, rather than a physical injury at a specific location.

Either way, this type of back pain can be life-changing and may require medical care – including, in some cases, back surgery. Those who have such extensive medical needs due to their back pain must also know about their legal options to seek proper compensation.