Avoid a workplace fall by learning basic ladder safety

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries can occur in any industry and virtually any job setting. One of the most common workplace accidents resulting in serious injuries is falling.

Falls from a height can result in broken bones, soft tissue damage and even brain injuries. Even though falls can occur for several reasons, a fall from a ladder can be particularly dangerous. Ladders are extremely common in labor-type positions, like electrical work, painting, roofing, and construction.

Even retail workers must use ladders occasionally. To protect yourself from a work-related ladder accident, use the following ladder safety tips.

Learn about the ladder

Before using a ladder, inspect it for damage or defects. If you didn’t set up the ladder, make sure it was done properly. Think about the type of ladder best suited for the task too. Ensuring proper setup and that there’s no damage is a big part of staying safe.

Use caution while working

Don’t rush while on a ladder to save time and get it done sooner. Some mistakes made when trying to rush include using the wrong side of the ladder or leaning over while using the ladder. If you do this, it increases the likelihood of an accident or fall.

Focus on three points of contact

To remain safe while climbing and using a ladder, maintain three contact points at all times. Only step or reach with one foot or hand. Be sure you are secure before moving again. Don’t rush or carry anything that makes it impossible to maintain three points of contact.

The tips here don’t guarantee you won’t fall from a ladder or suffer an injury. Knowing your rights to workers’ compensation benefits is imperative if you are hurt while working.