How can you reduce the chance of injury working in a kitchen?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

If you work as a chef for long, you will see a few people injured. If you have worked in several kitchens, you will realize that some feel safer than others.

While there is a lot you can do to reduce the chance of injury, much of it comes down to your employer. They are the ones who set up the workspace and make the rules people must follow within it. They are also the ones with legal responsibility for your safety.

What can restaurant owners do to keep you and other staff safe?

Here are some essential safety measures employers must take:

  • Kitchen layout: Owners need to think long and hard about what goes where. The greater the distances people have to carry pots of boiling liquids, the more chance someone is scalded. The more people someone has to walk past while carrying things, the more risk someone knocks items out of their hands.
  • Staff training: Employers need to ensure everyone knows how to lift heavy loads safely and is aware of the dangers and correct use of specific cleaning chemicals.
  • Equipment: Has your employer provided you with safety wear? Does equipment such as meat-slicers have functioning guards and a way to isolate the power before cleaning?
  • Protocols: People need to understand how things function in a particular kitchen. For instance, you can only use a specific door in one direction. Or you must put cones out after mopping.

Kitchens are a tough place to work. If your employer has not taken necessary precautions, injuries are more likely. Understanding how to claim workers’ compensation will be crucial if one happens to you.