Knee injuries are a primary concern for many workers

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Many blue-collar workers face serious wear and tear on their knees. This is especially true for those who have to bend, kneel, or stoop at work. For those people, proper knee care is critical.

Employers have a duty to keep workers safe from hazards. When it comes to knee injuries, this means that they need to have proper safety protocol and provide the workers with the correct equipment to get the job done.

How can knee injuries be prevented?

The goal of a safety program to protect knees is reducing the stress on the joint. Ideally, an employee’s work surface will be raised so they don’t have to work on their knees. This isn’t always possible. Workers who have to kneel should have knee pads to provide cushion to the knees.

Employees must be instructed to get up and stretch the knees periodically when they work. This helps to keep the knees lubricated, which can prevent a loss of range of motion and degeneration of the joint. The workers should also be taught to use proper lifting techniques to avoid undue stress on the knees.

Any worker who suffers an injury at work should ensure they get workers’ compensation. This coverage should pay for the medical expenses related to the injury. It may also pay other benefits, such as vocational training or partial wage replacement if the worker is unable to return to their job duties because of the injury. It’s sometimes necessary to file an appeal to obtain the proper benefits. If that’s required, it’s wise to have legal guidance.