Injury dangers that delivery drivers face

| Oct 20, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

People who deliver packages often have to pick up heavy items. It’s up to the delivery companies to provide the drivers with the tools, training and protocols they need to follow to remain safe. 

The delivery professionals should also ensure they follow the rules. 

There are several ways that these hard-working individuals can improve their safety on the job. 

Safe driving

Delivery drivers spend a lot of time on the road. Following all traffic laws can help them remain as safe as possible while moving the packages. They should remember that their vehicle may handle differently when it’s fully loaded, so it’s imperative that they take that into consideration while driving. 

Drivers should always park as close as they can to the delivery address. This reduces the distance they have to travel on foot, minimizing the chance of an attack by a would-be criminal or dog while conducting the delivery. 

Proper package handling

Be sure that you appropriately handle the packages. Wear a back brace if you have to lift lots of heavy items. If possible, use a dolly or cart for large or bulky ones. Team lifts are possible if you have someone in the vehicle with you. Pay attention to how your body responds to the work. If you notice joint or back pain, you might be overdoing it. 

Delivery drivers who are hurt on the job should get medical care for their injuries. In some cases, they’ll be unable to return to work right away. Workers’ compensation should cover their medical care and part of their missed wages. Other benefits might also be provided. Sometimes, workers may need to file an appeal on the decision made about the benefits.