Key facts about workplace burn injuries 

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Scarring, Disfigurement and Permanent Injuries

Burn injuries can be devastating. They are incredibly painful when they occur, and damage caused in mere seconds can last a lifetime. When a worker is injured in this fashion on the job, it can alter everything about their future, from employment status to physical abilities and more. 

It’s important for workers to understand the risks and to know how and why these accidents happen. Let’s take a look at some key facts that can shed a bit of light on these injuries. 

There are three main forms of burns

First off, burns can come from numerous sources, not just an open flame. The three main categories are thermal burns, chemical burns and electrical burns. But even within these, you can break things down further. For instance, burns can be caused by exposure to steam and superheated water. 

Men are at far greater risk of workplace burns

Anyone can be burned on the job, but studies have found that 90% of patients tend to be men. There could be many reasons for this, including the types of occupations that men choose to work in more often. Regardless of the reasons, male workers must know they have elevated risk levels. 

Burns often leave scarring that is problematic

Even when a burn heals, scarring and skin discoloration may last for life. There are not always ways for doctors to fix these issues, despite modern technology. This can lead to disfigurement or disability, in some cases. 

Because these injuries are so serious and the ramifications can last for life, you absolutely need to know about all of your legal rights to workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer a burn injury on the job this year.