OSHA asked to investigate McDonald’s

On Behalf of | May 28, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

It is not uncommon to hear about McDonald’s employees having to deal with angry customers while at work. Recently, employees have asked OSHA to look into these incidents and how the company has handled them. The workers want the workplace watchdog organization to assess how McDonald’s responds to workplace violence in stores throughout Pennsylvania and rest the country. According to the National Employment Law Project, there have been 271 media reports of violence at various locations in the past three years.

However, police records indicate that there are many cases that are not reported. In some cases, employees have been threatened with guns and have had to call 911 for assistance. The workers who have filed the complaint with OSHA say that management has discouraged using 911 as it could have negative consequences for the company. OSHA has recommended that McDonald’s take steps to keep workers safe during late night hours.

Records indicate that 40% of violent incidents have occurred between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Adding workers and restricting the amount of cash in a register may help to reduce the chances of a violent encounter. In many cases, violent acts are caused by customers who are angry about how long they have had to wait in line. Employees say that other incidents occur after they are told by management to confront customers who are loitering.

An employee who has been hurt in an incident involving workplace violence may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This could pay for medical bills incurred after a physical confrontation with a customer or other worker. A hurt employee might also be entitled to a portion of their lost wages while out of work because of an injury. An attorney may help a worker better understand his or her rights or help file a claim.