Workplace safety and aerial lifts

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Workers in Pennsylvania can face real hazards on the job that put them at risk for sustaining serious, long-term injuries. A lack of safety training and knowledge can lead to severe accidents and even deaths in some cases. For example, people who work on aerial lifts can be seriously hurt if they do not know how to operate them properly and in a safe manner. Every year across the country, around 26 workers lose their lives while using the lifts. There are many issues linked to these deaths on the job, including falls, electrocutions and tip-over incidents. In addition, workers have been trapped or crushed between the bucket or guardrail and another object.

Before workers go up in an aerial lift, they may need to inspect the controls, guardrails and fall protection gear in order to avoid workplace accidents or injuries. Defective equipment can be deadly, so it is important to avoid using lifts with broken or missing parts. In addition, it is key that this type of lift is used in an appropriate area. Aerial lifts should start from a nonshifting, level surface and avoid overhead power lines and other serious obstacles. Even when using the lift on a flat surface, setting brakes and outriggers can help ensure workers’ safety.

In addition, safe usage of an aerial lift requires making sure that the chains or doors to the platform are closed. The lift should only be used up to its weight-bearing capacity. If it is being used near traffic, warning signs and cones should be posted to prevent traffic accidents.

Workers in construction and other industries could sustain life-changing accidents on the job that may prevent them from going back to work. Injured employees have rights, and a workers’ compensation lawyer can work with people who were hurt on the job to help them receive the benefits that they deserve.