An understanding of the claims process for construction injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

Pennsylvania construction workers can face significant safety hazards during their careers, and even with good attention to safety standards and precautions, they can end up missing work and struggling physically because of job-related injuries. OSHA oversees safety matters in work settings on a national scale and provides an avenue for employees and others to report unsafe conditions. The entity also inspects work locations to promote safety awareness. In the aftermath of an on-the-job accident, OSHA could perform an inspection to make sure the job site is made to meet their safety standards.

Workers’ compensation benefits normally cover the costs of medical care for employees injured while on the job. These benefits are designed to prevent excessive litigation between employers and employees related to lost time, fault, and medical expenses. However, an accident caused by a third party could provide an employee with an avenue of civil recourse outside of the workers’ compensation system. Examples might include an accident caused by dangerous products or equipment.

One of the first steps for an injured employee is obtaining prompt medical care. As soon as possible, an injury report should be filed with one’s employer to document the time, date and circumstances surrounding an accident. It is also important for employees to comply with work policies related to safety. If an unsafe situation or condition exists, it can be reported to OSHA to bring attention to the matter.

An individual who has been injured on the job might not know whether litigation against a third party is appropriate. A workers’ compensation lawyer could provide insight about both the reporting process for a workers’ comp claim and about the options for third-party litigation.