Tips for preventing injury in the workplace

On Behalf of | May 10, 2016 | Workplace Injuries

Pennsylvania workers can take a number of steps to help protect themselves from being injured on the job. Repetitive motions, such as answering phones or stuffing envelopes, cause a number of injuries and can be prevented with frequent breaks and an ergonomic workstation. Overexertion can also cause injuries while a person is lifting, pulling or pushing an item. It is important to use correct lifting techniques and ask colleagues for help if necessary.

Falls and falling objects are also a danger. People should be sure to wear hard hats in construction areas and secure any objects that may be in danger of falling. Falls from heights can be prevented by using safety equipment and making sure stairways are well-lit and that equipment is kept in good working order. Trip, slip and fall accidents can be prevented by keeping walkways clear and cleaning up spills promptly.

Many people may not realize that motor vehicle accidents are a significant cause of on-the-job injuries. Proper training and observing safety rules such as wearing a seat belt may reduce the incidence of injury. People may also be injured when they are caught or compressed by objects. This can be prevented with extra vigilance, and workers should also make sure that they are visible to operators of heavy machinery.

Despite safety precautions being taken by companies and their employers, however, workplace accidents will unfortunately continue to happen. Most companies are required to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage, and the financial and medical benefits provided thereby can be a godsend to people who are injured on the job. it is not uncommon, though, for an employer or its insurer to dispute a claim, and thus having legal assistance may be an advisable step for an injured worker to take.