Mulch elevator malfunction causes Pennsylvania workplace injuries

On Behalf of | May 1, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

The machinery used in industrial operations is highly dangerous when used improperly or when it is inadequately maintained. Employees carry the responsibility of ensuring their employees are sufficiently trained to operate these machines and that routine maintenance keeps machinery in safe working order. Though administrative rules seek to regulate these issues to ensure safety, all too often lapses in workplace safety occur, leaving workers at risk of harm.

One of these lapses may have resulted in two workers being injured in a Pennsylvania industrial accident. Reports indicate the two employees were working a mulch elevator when the machine succumbed to a mechanical failure. One of the workers was trapped by the machine and was only freed after co-workers pried the elevator open with a front end loader. That man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The other victim was hit in the arm, but appears to be okay.

Suffering a workplace injury in an industrial accident can devastate an employee’s life. A worker may be left with serious injuries, including broken bones or a head injury that causes permanent disability, and he or she may be unable to work and earn his or her standard wage. Unable to pay his or her medical expenses, rent, utilities, and other bills, a physically pained worker may also be subjected to severe emotional distraught.

Workers’ compensation, however, may ease some of the overwhelming stress caused by a workplace injury. If an injured worker can show his or her injuries were suffered during an accident that occurred while within the worker’s scope of employment, then compensation may be awarded. Receiving this compensation can be a lifesaver, allowing an injured worker to focus on his or her recovery without having to worry about financial concerns. A Pennsylvania attorney can help an injured worker file the best claim possible, giving him or her the best chance possible of obtaining maximum compensation.

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