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May 2014 Archives

PSU offering training in OSHA hazardous chemical compliance

Workplace injury comes in many forms, including broken bones and other acute injuries, back problems, chronic illness, and brain damage. Another category of workplace injury, those involving chemicals, is a serious issue in certain industries. The Occupational Safety and Health Organization has recognized the problem and put standards in place with which organizations handling, using or storing hazardous chemicals must comply.

Pennsylvania wax plant explosion injures worker

It may be unnerving to learn that many of Pennsylvania's workers operate in environments where explosions can occur. Employees, particularly those exposed to flammable chemicals, may unknowingly be at risk of fire injury or death when workplace accidents occur. When an explosion or fire occurs and a worker is injured, he or she may be left in a difficult financial situation.

Pennsylvania recognizes workers killed on the job

Workplace injuries occur every day. In fact, the AFL-CIO reports that an average day sees more than 10,000 work-related injuries and nearly 150 workers die as a result. Though new workplace laws and regulations coupled with OSHA inspections aim to keep workers safe, these statistics show that not enough is being done. Unfortunately, this means workers will continue to lose their health and their lives, making memorials necessary.

Mulch elevator malfunction causes Pennsylvania workplace injuries

The machinery used in industrial operations is highly dangerous when used improperly or when it is inadequately maintained. Employees carry the responsibility of ensuring their employees are sufficiently trained to operate these machines and that routine maintenance keeps machinery in safe working order. Though administrative rules seek to regulate these issues to ensure safety, all too often lapses in workplace safety occur, leaving workers at risk of harm.

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