Wind blows ladder into power line, injures two PA workers

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

Some workplace safety issues are more obvious than others. Improperly maintaining machinery, for example, should be an obvious problem. A lack of protective gear and training are also easily recognizable issues that can place an employee at risk of injuries. Other factors, though, like wind, in some work environments are not readily thought of when conducting job duties. Yet, these ignored elements can sometimes cause serious harm to employees.

This was the case recently in Donegal Township when two employees of a roofing and remodeling company were electrocuted while on the job. Initial reports indicate the men had descended from the roof using a ladder and were moving the ladder when a burst of wind caused it to fall onto an electrical line, shocking the men. They were flown to a Pittsburgh hospital for treatment, but the extent of their injuries is unclear at this time.

Injuries suffered in a workplace accident can leave an individual not only in extreme physical pain, but he or she may also be left swimming in unexpected debt caused by medical bills and an inability to work. These individuals may then have difficulty paying their normal bills, putting their home, car and the welfare of their children on the line.

Luckily, workers’ compensation exists to help those who have suffered a workplace injury. To obtain compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, an injured worker must show his or her injuries were suffered during an accident that arose out of the employee’s employment.

Though it may sound easy, insurance companies often deny these claims, hoping to put the matter to rest. But injured workers should not let the issue rest there. Instead, they should seek out a competent Pennsylvania attorney who can help them fight the denial. By utilizing evidence and the law, an attorney may be able to get these individuals the compensation they deserve while at the same time raising awareness of unsafe working conditions.

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