Chainsaw embedded in Pennsylvania worker’s neck after accident

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

As the weather warms, companies that provide outdoor services will likely see an uptick in business. While this is good news for employers and the employees the hire, it also poses risk of work-related injuries. One Pennsylvania man knows this all too well, and the story of his survival is quite remarkable.

The man, who works as a tree trimmer, was recently in a tree when the chainsaw he was using bounced back and ate into his neck, becoming embedded. Though seriously injured, the man remained conscious and was able to climb down from the tree. Police who responded to the scene removed the chainsaw’s motor, but left the blade in place to prevent massive bleeding that could have killed the injured worker. The victim was then taken to the hospital where X-rays showed just how lucky the worker was to survive. The chainsaw’s blade missed every major artery, and instead merely cut into the victim’s muscle. The blade was safely removed and the worker is expected to make a full recovery.

Pennsylvanians who work with dangerous machinery, operate at heights, or perform their job duties near fast-moving vehicles often know they put their own safety on the line for their employer. So, when an accident like this leaves an employee with a workplace injury, he or she often expects to be taken care of accordingly. Worker’s compensation typically provides these injured individuals with money to help offset medical expenses, rehabilitation and lost wages, but the process can be fraught with complexities.

The biggest challenge injured workers face is a workers’ compensation claim denial. Insurance companies, seeking to maintain profit margins, often deny a worker’s claim, citing the injury was already present before the accident occurred or the accident occurred outside the victim’s scope of employment. If this is the case, an injured worker should seek help from a legal professional. A denial does not end the process. Therefore, a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney will fight to get a claim denial overturned so the worker can receive the compensation he or she needs to reach a full recovery, get back to work, and move on with his or her life.

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