Explosion at Pennsylvania steel plant injures worker

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

Ensuring workplace safety often means paying attention to every detail of a workplace environment. Some risks may be obvious, such as neglected equipment or safety procedures, while other may be more difficult to catch, such as air contaminants. Yet, employers have a duty to keep their workers safe, and failing to pay close attention to the details may result in serious workplace accidents.

One of these accidents occurred recently in central Pennsylvania. According to reports, an apparent gas explosion occurred at a steel processing plant, leaving one worker with serious burn injuries. He was transported to the hospital where he or she remains. The exact cause of the accident remains under investigation, but some think mechanical failure may have caused a gas leak. If this incident was caused by mechanical failure, then only time will tell if an employer’s improper upkeep played a part in its malfunctioning.

Those who suffer a workplace injury may need financial assistance. Their injuries may make it impossible for them to work and, especially when coupled with accumulated medical expenses, it might be difficult to pay his or her bills. This is why workers’ compensation exists. A successful claim may bring the injured worker money for lost wages and medical expenses, thereby allowing him or her to focus on recovering his or her health.

Sometimes, though, insurance companies deny these claims, often suggesting the injury already existed prior to the accident or the accident occurred outside the employee’s scope of employment. Even if this occurs, a victim’s fight for compensation is not over. Instead, he or she can challenge the denial by showing evidence that addresses the reason for the denial. A Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney can help an injured worker navigate the process in a way that puts forth the strongest legal argument possible. That way the victim has the best possible chance of recovery while drawing attention to issues of workplace safety.

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