4 firefighters hurt in Pennsylvania house collapse

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2013 | Government Workers' Compensation

Workers all around the state of Pennsylvania go to work each day and encounter dangerous situations. These workers understand that without the right protection and care, they could very easily be injured. However, few employees put their lives at risk the way firefighters do. These government employees literally run into burning buildings in an effort to save lives. At any moment, the unthinkable can happen and firefighters can be severely injured in a workplace accident.

Unfortunately, the unthinkable recently happened to four Pennsylvania firefighters. According to reports, a fire broke out in a local house around 11:00 a.m. Although the owner was not home at the time, firefighters still rushed into the house to extinguish the flames. However while inside, the second floor of the home collapsed. As a result of the collapse, two firefighters were pinned in underneath the house. An additional two firefighters were hurt in the fall.

Following the workplace accident, two of the firefighters had to be hospitalized. They suffered from broken bones and chest injuries. The other two firefighters were released after being treated.

Government employees, like these firefighters, may understand that they have dangerous professions but that doesn’t make an actual injury or accident any easier to deal with. Workers in these situations may face severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment. They may miss work as a result. The financial strain an accident like this can cause will start quickly.

Thankfully, much like private employees, government workers can also rely on workers’ compensation when a workplace accident occurs. Workers’ compensation can help cover the financial expenses that arise from a workplace accident including lost wages, medical expenses and other costs.

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