Probe begun at Philadelphia accident site where 2 were injured

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2013 | Government Workers' Compensation

City and federal officials have been investigating a construction site in Philadelphia where a recent accident led to two individuals being injured. One of the victims was a construction worker at the site. The other was a city firefighter who reportedly suffered a head injury after collapsing while responding to the scene.

The circumstances in the two cases do not appear to be directly linked, but one factor that is common to both is that the victims involved suffered injuries while they were on the job, which means they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover the care they need to recover and the loss of any wages they might incur due to being unable to work.

The initial accident involving the construction worker happened around 12 p.m. on June 20. According to authorities, the 54-year-old worker took a 30-foot plunge from a girder. A witness to the action says that a crane on the scene had to be used to hoist the injured worker from where he landed out to an ambulance for transport to the hospital. At last word he was reported to have suffered serious injuries but was listed in stable condition.

The situation with the firefighter reportedly occurred as the construction worker was being hauled out to the ambulance. A witness says the firefighter appeared to be in full gear and was running toward the scene when he collapsed. He struck his head and was seriously hurt. Fellow rescuers cut off his gear and got him to an ambulance.

Police say he suffered a seizure and was last reported in stable condition. What might have triggered the seizure is unclear.

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