Steel plant accident sends worker to hospital

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2013 | Workplace Accidents

Every job has its risks. Even a person working at a computer terminal doing some incidental word processing can become the victim of an accident that results in serious workplace injury. But as any experienced workers’ compensation attorney can tell you, there are certain jobs that carry greater risks than others.

The steel industry is one that has been the source of a lot of worker accidents in Pennsylvania. Workers can be exposed to excessive noise that can deteriorate hearing. Some manufacturing settings require individuals to operate at excessive heights where slips can result in injury or even death.

Workers’ compensation is supposed to be the resource workers can turn to when accidents happen, but getting all the benefits one is due isn’t always easy. Many insurers are loathe to disclose information about benefits if it might mean they have to pay more.

An accident that sent a steel plant worker to the hospital this week is under investigation now. It took place in Texas. When the first word came in to 911, authorities were told that the worker had gotten his hand pinned in a piece of equipment. When they arrived, they found that the worker had suffered a contusion to his finger. He was transported to the hospital and received stitches.

Company officials insist that the ambulance had only been called as a precaution. One official told the media that the company is proud of its record for safety and its low rate of workplace accidents.

Regardless of what industry one works in, accidents can happen. Individuals hurt as a result of any workplace accident should be sure that they know what their rights are and that those rights are being fully protected.

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