What are the greatest dangers in construction?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Each year, the construction industry proves to be one of the most dangerous for workers. It consistently has the highest number of fatal accidents. Some of this is just that the construction industry is so massive, so there are millions of potential workers who could be injured. But it is also because there are some inherent risks within the industry.

It’s important for workers to understand what these risks look like so that they can do their best to stay safe. Below are the four main ways that serious accidents occur on construction sites, often referred to as the fatal four.

Electrocution injuries

Electrocution injuries can come from many sources, such as a live wire that an electrician is installing on a new build. But there are also risks from underground wires when workers are digging or overhead wires when they’re using ladders.


Next, some workers get caught between materials, machines or equipment. An example could be if someone is injured in the trench collapse.


When workers are struck by other items, they can suffer severe injuries. One example of this could be if a dump truck backs into a worker on a construction site, while another could be if a worker at an elevated position drops a power tool that strikes a worker who is walking below.


But above all else, falls are the main reason for fatal accidents in construction. Workers fall off of ladders, trip and fall on the same level, fall from roofs and much more. It’s important for workers to know how to work carefully at heights and to use proper fall protection equipment.

Unfortunately, understanding the risks doesn’t prevent some of these serious accidents. Injured workers must know what legal steps to take.