The quality of PPE is important

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial for workers in the construction industry. Sites always have hazardous substances, including chemicals, sharp objects, electricity and flying objects. Thus, workers should wear them all the time to avoid injuries. However, despite having PPE, you may still be injured and, in turn, may be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Here is how this can happen. 

Low quality

PPE must meet the qualities set by reputable bodies. PPE marked with CE and UL, among other recognized marks, have met stringent standards. Employers should do adequate research to source equipment from reliable manufacturers. If you and your colleagues use substandard PPE, you may not be protected as you believe.

Outdated equipment 

PPE manufacturers always include the date of manufacture and expected lifespan. Employers in the construction industry should change equipment when the time comes. 

PPE standards are usually updated. Thus, those manufactured before the update may not be up to the current standards, hence substandard. 

Wear and tear 

Over time, the materials and components used to make PPE can degrade or fail, reducing their effectiveness. Therefore, equipment may be within the existing standards but may not offer the protection it did before. 

Further, different people wearing equipment can lead to wear and tear. Employers should change PPE when they are damaged. 

The wrong fit 

PPE should fit. Loose PPE is dangerous, as a worker can be injured despite wearing it. An employer should know workers’ measurements to get each the right-sized PPE.

When a PPE is low-quality, outdated, damaged or loose-fitting, the chances of a construction worker being injured may be high. If you suffered injuries due to these factors, you should get legal help to receive the compensation you deserve.