Injuries covered by workers’ comp

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance goes a long way in relieving the stress of injured employees in Pennsylvania. However, workers’ compensation also prevents employers from having to pay injured workers out of their own pockets. This makes it mutually beneficial in many ways for the employee and employers.

Not only will benefits provide financial aid for employees who cannot work while they’re hurt, but it also pays for any necessary medical treatments. There are multiple types of injuries that are covered under most workers’ compensation plans.

What types of injuries qualify?

Falls are among the most common causes of injury and even death among employees. While some are caused by unsafe conditions in the workplace, others are simply unpredictable accidents. Ultimately, either reason for the fall is ground for a workers’ comp claim.

Other types of injuries that can result in a workers’ compensation claim include electrocution, being struck by an object or being caught between two objects. These injuries can result in a claim that can pay for loss of income, hospitalization, permanent or temporary disability and even death benefits to the surviving family.

What it all means

There is a litany of potential workers’ compensation injuries, and all of them result in loss of income, medical bills and other financial hardships. If the incident was work-related, it’s the injured employee’s right to get paid for those treatments and reimbursed for any lost wages.

It’s important to note that employers can deny workers’ compensation claims under some circumstances. In such cases, the injured employee may want to reach out to a lawyer. The attorney could review their claim, any security footage that shows the injury and collect statements from the client, their co-workers and their employer. At that point, the attorney could better advise on how to proceed and guide the client through the process.