Bucks County construction worker injured when roof collapses

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

Construction work can be dangerous under any conditions, but it can be especially hazardous when unsafe working conditions exist. Whether an employer fails to properly train employees, provide safety equipment or check machinery, a lapse in the focus on safety can be treacherous for workers, putting them at risk of serious injury or death. Should one be unfortunate enough to get injured on the job, he or she should consider the legal options available.

One Bucks County construction worker may need to do just that after being injured in a workplace accident. The worker was on the wooden roof trusses at a commercial building site when the wood framing of the roof collapsed. The worker was trapped in the debris for about an hour and was taken to the hospital once he was removed. His condition is unknown at this time.

One who is injured in an instance like this may face significant hardship. He or she may incur medical expenses and, if he or she is unable to work, wages may be lost. This can put an injured worker in a tough financial predicament, with stress and despair quickly to set in.

Yet, one who suffers workplace injuries should not be afraid. Instead, he or she should file a workers’ compensation claim. Unlike a personal injury lawsuit, another individual’s negligence does not have to be proven to recover compensation. All that must be shown is the worker suffered new injuries through an accident while working within the scope of his or her employment. Money obtained through a claim may cover lost wages and medical expenses, which can go a long way toward helping an injured individual to get back on his or her feet.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation claims are often denied by insurance companies. The reasons for the denial can vary widely, but an injured worker should not accept the denial as final. Instead, he or she should consult with an experienced Pennsylvania attorney to discuss challenging the denial and fighting for what is rightly his or hers.

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