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Posts tagged "workplace accidents"

Steel plant accident sends worker to hospital

Every job has its risks. Even a person working at a computer terminal doing some incidental word processing can become the victim of an accident that results in serious workplace injury. But as any experienced workers' compensation attorney can tell you, there are certain jobs that carry greater risks than others.

Volunteer firefighters losing coverage under new law

It's no secret that firefighters have dangerous jobs. Dealing with burning buildings in the midst of panic and chaos takes exceptional courage and skills. With the physical risks and rigors that go along with the job, it is expected that firefighters should be taken care of when they are injured. However, the Pennsylvania Legislature is dealing with the unintended consequences of a new law that was designed to protect the rights of volunteer firefighters.

Fatal coal plant accident earns company federal safety citations

Pennsylvania, like many states graced by the mountain ranges of the eastern U.S., is no stranger to heavy industry and the accidents that can result when safety and care are overlooked. There are a lot of state and federal regulations in place aimed at trying to make the work environment safe and thus avoid workplace accidents.

Finding the win-win in Pennsylvania worker injury cases

Workplace injuries tend to create a lot of issues. That's why they remain a constant focus of businesses and policy makers in Pennsylvania. The worker is out of commission for at least a while. If the workplace injury is partially disabling, the worker may be at reduced productivity for an extended period. If it is permanently disabling, well, that's a whole other story.

Steel sheets rain down, injure Pennsylvania wind turbine worker

If you are out and about in the work-a-day world, it doesn't much matter what kind of job you hold. You run the risk of injury. There are some jobs in Pennsylvania that may represent a higher risk of workplace accident and injury.

Hurricane Sandy knocked utility work crews for a loop, for a bit

To hear the national news coverage of the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, one would think that the only places that suffered damage were the states on the coast. The damage suffered here in Pennsylvania could go down as one of the bigger untold stories of this massive natural disaster.

Pennsylvania business owner guilty of workplace safety violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets a number of standards to ensure workplace safety remains a top priority for employers across the country. Violations of state or federal workplace safety regulations can result in severe penalties for a business and in some instances criminal charges. A Pennsylvania business owner recently pleaded guilty to intentionally violating federal workplace safety standards after an employee was killed on the job. The 78-year-old businessman was sentenced to one year of probation in the workplace accident.

Many costly workplace accidents caused by insomnia, study shows

There is only so much that a cup of coffee, a caffeinated soda or even an energy drink can do. Philadelphia workers know that there is no better solution to tiredness than getting enough sleep. But work, family activities and social commitments can prevent us from recharging our batteries completely every night.

Young construction worker dies in Pennsylvania workplace accident

A 29-year-old construction worker lost his life recently in Pennsylvania. He was working on a construction project that involved widening a Pennsylvania highway from two lanes to five.

Falling cement slab leads to serious construction site accident

We have previously had occasion on our Philadelphia blog to discuss the dangers that workers in the construction industry must face, often on a daily basis. Regrettably, another construction accident has severely injured a worker, nearly killing the man and placing him in critical condition.

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