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You Shouldn't Have To Fight For Workers' Comp Benefits

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Work with us when issues arise with workers’ compensation claims process

In our previous post, we spoke a bit about partial and total disability benefits available through the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system. These benefits are, of course, critical for workers who have been injured on the job seriously enough that they are unable to work for a period of time or, in some cases, indefinitely.

Looking at partial and total disability benefits

In our last post, we spoke a recent workers' compensation award for a nurse who was forced to leave her job because of an allergic reaction to a chemical used in the floor wax used by her employer. The issue in that case was the extent to which the employer was responsible for providing total and disability coverage for the time she missed work.

PA nurse awarded workers’ comp benefits based on allergic reaction

When a worker is exposed to a workplace condition that is damaging to his or her health, the result is often that he or she is unable to continue in the position. Highly individualized reactions to working conditions such as allergic reactions can be tricky to deal with since employers and insurance providers are going to be keen to limit their liability for workers’ compensation benefits if they cannot eliminate the cause of the reaction or if the worker leaves the company because of an inability to tolerate the work environment. In these cases, it is sometimes necessary for a worker to put up a fight to ensure they receive the full benefits due to them.

How do I know if my employer's provider list is legal?

In our previous post, we began looking at how workers' compensation law addresses the issue of choice of provider. As we noted, employers in Pennsylvania are able to limit their workers' choice of provider, but only if they provide a proper listing of providers.

How free am I to choose a health care provider under workers' comp law?

Following a workplace injury, receiving prompt medical treatment from a competent physician is critical in ensuring that a worker doesn't end up with a medical condition that is worse than it has to be. One of the immediate questions for an injured worker, therefore, is: where can I go for medical care? Is an injured worker allowed to see his or her ordinary physician?

What kinds of workplace injuries are compensable under PA law?

Many workers assume that they are able to be compensated if they suffer from work-related injury or illness, and generally speaking, they are right. There are some exceptions to that general rule, though, and the reality is that some injuries and illnesses are compensable and others are not.

Report: overexertion a major cause of workplace injury

Workplace injury is a broad category of inquiry, with all types of injuries occurring every day and every year. There are certain types of injuries, though, that are more common across the board, and these recently came into focus when Liberty Mutual released its annual top-ten list of the leading causes of workplace injury. The top-ten list is based on recorded workers’ compensation claims data from the company and data from other sources.

When can an injured employee's wage-loss benefits be terminated?

In our last post, we began discussing workers' compensation benefits in the form of wage-loss payments. As we mentioned, these payments are available for those who are unable to work for at least seven days due to a workplace injury. Here we want to briefly discuss when exactly wage-loss payments can be terminated.

When do injured workers receive compensation for wage loss?

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection issued fines against a Houston-based oil and gas company over an explosion that occurred at a drilling site in Susquehanna County back in January. The explosion, according to investigators, was caused by vapors which ignited and broke a tank open.

Workers’ comp cases can be complicated: work with an experienced attorney

Workers who are injured on the job, readers know, have the right to receive workers’ compensation for the injuries they suffer. While many employers honor their employees’ right to workers’ compensation, some do not always do so.

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