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An understanding of the claims process for construction injuries

Pennsylvania construction workers can face significant safety hazards during their careers, and even with good attention to safety standards and precautions, they can end up missing work and struggling physically because of job-related injuries. OSHA oversees safety matters in work settings on a national scale and provides an avenue for employees and others to report unsafe conditions. The entity also inspects work locations to promote safety awareness. In the aftermath of an on-the-job accident, OSHA could perform an inspection to make sure the job site is made to meet their safety standards.

Occupational diseases ignored by media, government

Pennsylvania readers may be surprised to learn that work-related illnesses kill more Americans than guns do each year. The government estimates that approximately 50,000 workers succumb to sicknesses caused by exposure to workplace toxins each year, compared to the 30,000 people who lose their lives to gun violence and accidents annually. Because the casualties of occupational disease die slowly and less dramatically than victims of gun violence, the media ignores their suffering. Worse, the U.S. government has a history of ignoring their suffering as well.

Painkiller overdoses may be covered by worker's comp

A new report by the National Safety Council concludes that some prescription drug overdoses suffered by employees may be compensable under workers' compensation insurance policies in Pennsylvania and nationwide. The report focused on opioid drugs, commonly called painkillers, which account for more than 25 percent of workers' compensation drug costs, according to recent statistics.

Exceptions to the workers’ compensation “exclusive remedy” rule in PA

In our last post, we pointed out that there are limitations on when compensation is available to an injured worker outside the workers’ compensation system. That is the case in every state, including Pennsylvania. This is why workers’ compensation is sometimes called the “exclusive remedy” for workplace injuries.

Fighting employer retaliation in workers’ compensation cases

Discrimination and retaliation are important issues in the field of employment law. Workers who are subjected to adverse treatment on an illegal basis or for exercising their rights under the law do not have to sit back and take it when an employer engages in such behavior. Taking legal action allow one to have one’s rights protected and to receive appropriate compensation.

Lose a loved one in workplace accident? You may be entitled to worker’s comp benefits

When a worker is injured on the job here in Pennsylvania, there are several types of benefits available through the workers’ compensation system. These benefits include not only payments for lost wages and medical care, but also benefits for specific losses as well as death benefits. The latter are, of course, particularly important for those who’ve had a loved one as a result of a workplace injury.

Work with us when issues arise with workers’ compensation claims process

In our previous post, we spoke a bit about partial and total disability benefits available through the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system. These benefits are, of course, critical for workers who have been injured on the job seriously enough that they are unable to work for a period of time or, in some cases, indefinitely.

Looking at partial and total disability benefits

In our last post, we spoke a recent workers' compensation award for a nurse who was forced to leave her job because of an allergic reaction to a chemical used in the floor wax used by her employer. The issue in that case was the extent to which the employer was responsible for providing total and disability coverage for the time she missed work.

PA nurse awarded workers’ comp benefits based on allergic reaction

When a worker is exposed to a workplace condition that is damaging to his or her health, the result is often that he or she is unable to continue in the position. Highly individualized reactions to working conditions such as allergic reactions can be tricky to deal with since employers and insurance providers are going to be keen to limit their liability for workers’ compensation benefits if they cannot eliminate the cause of the reaction or if the worker leaves the company because of an inability to tolerate the work environment. In these cases, it is sometimes necessary for a worker to put up a fight to ensure they receive the full benefits due to them.

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