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You Shouldn't Have To Fight For Workers' Comp Benefits

Workers' Compensation Archives

Court opens door to employer liability for late-developing ills

Every workplace has its hazards. Most of the time the threat to worker safety is easily identified and if a workplace injury occurs, provisions of workers' compensation coverage call for a pay-out of benefits for medical treatment. Wage compensation is available in certain circumstances, as are death benefits.

Philadelphia Work accident site deemed illegal on all levels

There's a construction worker reportedly in an induced coma in a Philadelphia hospital right now, this after he suffered an electrical jolt early last week. According to officials with the Office of Licenses and Inspections, "Everything was being done illegally, without proper permits."

Health experts call for more focus on disabling depression

When you think of the array of circumstances that can knock a person out of commission and prompt a claim for workers' compensation chances are good that the mind turns to physical injury. But mental conditions that stem from job-related situations may also be covered. Determining whether one has a viable disability claim for such circumstances, though, is best done in consultation with an attorney.

Court nixes worker's comp claim for injury during sex

Workers' compensation is one of those important employee benefits enshrined in law. Every state in the U.S. has some sort of legislation on the books providing basic protection to help workers who are injured on the job get the support they need to recover and get back to work. Most industrialized countries around the world also have such laws.

Glitchy online workers' comp system has PA saying 'trust us'

Technology is a wonderful thing -- when it works. The problem is that there are so many elements that have to come together in a seamless way for everything to work right. Anything that is computer dependent (and what isn't these days?) requires solid software coding. If even one bit of code is out of whack, the whole system can stall.

3 coal mine deaths in 3 days: A cost of the shutdown?

It may be hard to pin down clear indicators of the effects the government shutdown is having on the country. There have been attempts in the media to highlight possible repercussions. But in some respects the stories have failed to stand out. They seem to be just a few more trees making up the forest.

Pennsylvania man trapped under steamroller getting help

Someone getting run over by a steamroller is something you might expect to see in a cartoon, but there's nothing funny about it if it happens in reality. Pennsylvania readers might find it hard to believe that such accidents could actually happen, considering how slow steamrollers tend to go, but they do.

Worker injured in Philadelphia home gas explosion recovering

Authorities apparently still don't know exactly what caused the gas explosion that ripped apart three row houses in South Philadelphia at the end of last month. The only thing that is certain at this point is that the blast occurred and that several people were injured.

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