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Are psychological injuries grounds for workers' compensation?

Any injury suffered as the result of your job is grounds for a workers' compensation claim, even if that injury is internal or psychological. People often overlook the severity and long-reaching impact that a psychological injury can have on a person's quality of life. Many Pennsylvania workers who experienced trauma or mental anguish as the result of their work or a work-related incident go without help.

Court rules in favor of injured employee wrongly denied workers' comp

Employers are not always cooperative when it comes to compensating injured employees. This is evident from a recent case in Pennsylvania. The case involved a former employee who apparently injured his eye during a fall which occurred as he was in the process of removing personal belongings from a company vehicle after having quit. The fall occurred on company premises and was witnessed by a manager who later refused to approve a physician referral request because the injury allegedly occurred when the man was no longer an active employee.

More judges needed to handle coal miner compensation claims

Those who work in the coal mining industry experience unique risks that those in other industries do not face. One of these risks is that of developing a condition called "black lung disease," which is a generic name for any lung disease stemming from inhalation of coal dust. The condition involves symptoms of coughing, airway obstruction and shortness of breath, and it is incurable.

Back, neck injury common among health care workers

Back and neck injuries and pain are among the most common impairments faced by Americans nowadays. In the workplace, back injury and pain is a particular risk in many professions, some more so than others. Healthcare is one of these industries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, musculoskeletal injuries are the greatest cause of workplace injury for those working in the field of healthcare.

Pennsylvania wax plant explosion injures worker

It may be unnerving to learn that many of Pennsylvania's workers operate in environments where explosions can occur. Employees, particularly those exposed to flammable chemicals, may unknowingly be at risk of fire injury or death when workplace accidents occur. When an explosion or fire occurs and a worker is injured, he or she may be left in a difficult financial situation.

Mulch elevator malfunction causes Pennsylvania workplace injuries

The machinery used in industrial operations is highly dangerous when used improperly or when it is inadequately maintained. Employees carry the responsibility of ensuring their employees are sufficiently trained to operate these machines and that routine maintenance keeps machinery in safe working order. Though administrative rules seek to regulate these issues to ensure safety, all too often lapses in workplace safety occur, leaving workers at risk of harm.

Pennsylvania Turnpike worker hurt in workplace accident

Many Pennsylvanians work on the roadways. Police officers, paramedics and construction workers all operate in these areas, which can be fraught with dangers. Not only are these individuals susceptible to dangerous machinery, but they must also contend with moving vehicles mere feet away from their unprotected persons. Sometimes motorists make mistakes that cause an accident and leave these workers injured.

Wind blows ladder into power line, injures two PA workers

Some workplace safety issues are more obvious than others. Improperly maintaining machinery, for example, should be an obvious problem. A lack of protective gear and training are also easily recognizable issues that can place an employee at risk of injuries. Other factors, though, like wind, in some work environments are not readily thought of when conducting job duties. Yet, these ignored elements can sometimes cause serious harm to employees.

Explosion at Pennsylvania steel plant injures worker

Ensuring workplace safety often means paying attention to every detail of a workplace environment. Some risks may be obvious, such as neglected equipment or safety procedures, while other may be more difficult to catch, such as air contaminants. Yet, employers have a duty to keep their workers safe, and failing to pay close attention to the details may result in serious workplace accidents.

Pennsylvania contractor at center of explosion investigation

At explosion at a residential neighborhood left one woman dead and seven workers injured. Though the exact cause of the blast remains under investigation, officials say a Pennsylvania-based contractor, Henkels & McCoy, hit a gas line when they were drilling to fix an electrical issue. The contractor may also be in trouble for how it handled the situation. Officials say the contractor should have called 911 before allowing other workers on the scene, but it is not certain this step was taken. This is not the first time Henkels & McCoy has been in trouble. Last year OSHA fined the company $42,000 for several serious safety violations including failing to have proper inspections.

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