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Workplace Accidents Archives

Pennsylvania worker killed in oil tank explosion

Everyone deserves to feel safe at their place of employment. Whether you spend your days in a cubical or work in road construction, your employer should always be looking out for you, making sure you are well-trained and equipped with adequate protections. Unfortunately, some employers prefer to save time and money rather than ensure the safety of their workers. When this happens, workers can end up seriously injured or worse.

Pennsylvania foundry cited again for OSHA work safety issues

When you go into work, you have an expectation that you are going to come out of the worksite whole. Federal labor laws set safety standards across Pennsylvania. Each type of work has its own set and if an employer fails to meet the standards, workplace injuries due to dangerous conditions can result.

Worker and responder injured at Philadelphia construction site

Two groups of professionals whose labors we often take for granted but who deserve our immense respect: construction workers and firefighters. Their jobs are tough, and when injurious accidents happen on the job, these workers deserve compensation that is sufficient to the cover their health care, lost work time and other costs arising out of a work-related injury.

Study: Courts swayed against injured workers by corporate cash

Justice is blind, or so the ideal holds. That's the message that is intended to be conveyed by the depictions of "Justice" that grace so many court houses around Pennsylvania and the other states of the union. They tend to show a woman holding scales and standing blindfolded.

Mark first-day workplace accident as a major 'never event'

There's a term used in the medical profession for actions that are just not supposed to happen. They're called "never events." Counted on a government list of 25 such events are things like operating on the wrong site, transplanting an incompatible organ, transfusing incompatible blood products and leaving foreign surgical equipment in a patient's body.

Steel plant accident sends worker to hospital

Every job has its risks. Even a person working at a computer terminal doing some incidental word processing can become the victim of an accident that results in serious workplace injury. But as any experienced workers' compensation attorney can tell you, there are certain jobs that carry greater risks than others.

Fatal coal plant accident earns company federal safety citations

Pennsylvania, like many states graced by the mountain ranges of the eastern U.S., is no stranger to heavy industry and the accidents that can result when safety and care are overlooked. There are a lot of state and federal regulations in place aimed at trying to make the work environment safe and thus avoid workplace accidents.

Pennsylvania business owner guilty of workplace safety violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets a number of standards to ensure workplace safety remains a top priority for employers across the country. Violations of state or federal workplace safety regulations can result in severe penalties for a business and in some instances criminal charges. A Pennsylvania business owner recently pleaded guilty to intentionally violating federal workplace safety standards after an employee was killed on the job. The 78-year-old businessman was sentenced to one year of probation in the workplace accident.

Many costly workplace accidents caused by insomnia, study shows

There is only so much that a cup of coffee, a caffeinated soda or even an energy drink can do. Philadelphia workers know that there is no better solution to tiredness than getting enough sleep. But work, family activities and social commitments can prevent us from recharging our batteries completely every night.

Department of Labor releases numbers on fatal workplace injuries

Last month, the U.S. Department of Labor announced figures on the number of people around the country who were killed in workplace accidents during 2011. While even one workplace death is one too many, the report shows some encouraging trends about the safety of our jobs in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. Not only did the number of fatal accidents drop in absolute terms when compared to 2010, but the ratio of deadly injuries to workers also fell.

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