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Workplace Accidents Archives

Wind blows ladder into power line, injures two PA workers

Some workplace safety issues are more obvious than others. Improperly maintaining machinery, for example, should be an obvious problem. A lack of protective gear and training are also easily recognizable issues that can place an employee at risk of injuries. Other factors, though, like wind, in some work environments are not readily thought of when conducting job duties. Yet, these ignored elements can sometimes cause serious harm to employees.

Explosion at Pennsylvania steel plant injures worker

Ensuring workplace safety often means paying attention to every detail of a workplace environment. Some risks may be obvious, such as neglected equipment or safety procedures, while other may be more difficult to catch, such as air contaminants. Yet, employers have a duty to keep their workers safe, and failing to pay close attention to the details may result in serious workplace accidents.

Pennsylvania contractor at center of explosion investigation

At explosion at a residential neighborhood left one woman dead and seven workers injured. Though the exact cause of the blast remains under investigation, officials say a Pennsylvania-based contractor, Henkels & McCoy, hit a gas line when they were drilling to fix an electrical issue. The contractor may also be in trouble for how it handled the situation. Officials say the contractor should have called 911 before allowing other workers on the scene, but it is not certain this step was taken. This is not the first time Henkels & McCoy has been in trouble. Last year OSHA fined the company $42,000 for several serious safety violations including failing to have proper inspections.

Gas well explodes in PA, injures worker, another missing

The oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania is strong. While this is good for our state as it improves the economy and brings new jobs, individuals in this line of work often find themselves at risk of being harmed. "Blowouts," the term used when control over a gas or oil well is lost, often result in explosions, fires and injuries. Those who suffer a workplace injury as a result of one of these accidents should be aware of his or her legal rights to ensure he or she is medically and financially protected.

Pennsylvania worker hurt in October dies from his injuries

A Pennsylvania worker has died from injuries he suffered on the job in October 2013. The 27-year-old Middletown man was picking up leaves as part of a crew when the back wheel of the leaf vacuum ran over his leg. With no witnesses, no one is really sure how the accident occurred. Regardless, the deceased's surviving family has likely been devastated by their loss.

Pennsylvania factory explosion kills worker, injures two others

A Pennsylvania factory was recently rocked by an explosion that left one worker dead and two others injured. The Mersen USA plant, which produces carbon and graphite products, was the scene of the accident after an industrial oven exploded. One of the injured employees is expected to make a full recovery while the other suffered serious injuries. The exact cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Salt pile collapses, killing one Bucks County worker

Many of Pennsylvania's workers operate in environments that pose safety risks. Since employers are required to implement safety procedures and policies, many of these incidences are avoided. Yet, sometimes workplace safety is put on the backburner. Employees may be improperly trained, equipment inadequately checked and safety procedures inappropriately implemented. When this happens, serious injuries or death can occur.

Critics target OSHA proposal for publicizing work injury reports

Many employers, especially those in high-risk industries, are not shy about going public with their safety achievements. It's not uncommon to see statements in plants or on the sides of trucks touting that the company has gone so many days or so many miles without an accident.

Demolition tragedy spurs City Council report on worksite safety

Philadelphia appears to be on track for some big changes in city ordinances and regulations regarding site safety where building demolition is involved. The City Council has issued a massive report laying out 71 different recommendations.

Home construction safety devices exist. Why aren't they used?

The home building trades can be hazardous to the health of workers. Those who frame homes and scale the heights of roofs are at particular risk. According to a 2011 study by federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, 64 percent of all residential building industry deaths were due to falls and a good number of those deaths were among framing contractors.

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