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Workplace Injuries Archives

Finding the win-win in Pennsylvania worker injury cases

Workplace injuries tend to create a lot of issues. That's why they remain a constant focus of businesses and policy makers in Pennsylvania. The worker is out of commission for at least a while. If the workplace injury is partially disabling, the worker may be at reduced productivity for an extended period. If it is permanently disabling, well, that's a whole other story.

Hurricane Sandy knocked utility work crews for a loop, for a bit

To hear the national news coverage of the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, one would think that the only places that suffered damage were the states on the coast. The damage suffered here in Pennsylvania could go down as one of the bigger untold stories of this massive natural disaster.

Workers strike against conditions that can lead to accidents

Earlier this spring, we wrote on our Pennsylvania blog about complaints made by Amazon workers regarding dangerous conditions in the company's distribution centers. In a similar story, employees at one warehouse run by NFI Industries have organized a labor strike to raise consciousness about working conditions they say are unsafe.

Workplace injuries: sick employees

Many owners of businesses are searching for ways to save money on expenses as a result of the recent economic downturn. At first, it may seem like offering employees paid sick leave would increase expenses, however, in the long run, sources suggest that offering paid sick leave may actually save money, according to a recent study.

Fall at construction site leaves three workers with injuries

Construction is a fact of life around large cities like Philadelphia. New buildings cost money, but unfortunately because of improperly followed safely regulations, they also exact a human toll through worker injuries and deaths. Three construction workers are recovering from workplace injuries they sustained when one of them fell from an apartment building.

Use of powerful prescriptions rises to treat workplace injuries

Proper medications are an important part of the treatment for harm suffered in workplace accidents. But insurers are reporting that prescriptions of heavy-duty painkillers for workplace injuries experienced a marked leap during the period from 2001 to 2008. The use of those drugs soared 63 percent during that time, and some contend that they are being used too much.

Data show OSHA safety inspections reduce workplace injuries

Pennsylvania and federal workplace laws have been instituted to protect employees from accidents and injuries while on the job. Inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will visit companies from time to time to ensure that they are complying with all applicable regulations.

Stronger workplace accident reporting linked to improved safety

Employers in our state must abide by workplace safety laws enacted by the federal government and by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. But laws vary to certain degrees among the states, and a recent study of workplace accidents suggests that these differences are linked to the number of fatal accidents reported in a state.

Back injuries lead to many lost working days, high medical costs

Some workers in Pennsylvania may deal with temporary or chronic back pain. According to one doctor, they are hardly alone. In his recently published book on preventing and dealing with back pain, one surgeon says that 80 percent of people will have back pain at one time or another. In addition, he notes that people spend approximately $5 billion in treating back issues and miss 93 million days from work each year.

Some Amazon workers complain of accidents and illnesses

Goods bought from online retailer reach every corner of our country. But they originate in a few warehouses, one of which happens to be located here in Pennsylvania. Some workers at Amazon's warehouses have complained about difficult workings conditions there. They report having to meet demanding production goals while working in stifling heat during the warmer portions of the year.

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