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Road accidents lead causes of workers' compensation injuries

When the issue of workers' compensation comes up, the mind likely flashes to an image of an accident occurring in a warehouse, industrial or office environment. Anecdotal evidence and personal experience would seem to dictate that those are the places where most Pennsylvania workers are likely to suffer the worst work-related injuries. But new statistics from one organization suggest that would be wrong.

Volunteer firefighters losing coverage under new law

It's no secret that firefighters have dangerous jobs. Dealing with burning buildings in the midst of panic and chaos takes exceptional courage and skills. With the physical risks and rigors that go along with the job, it is expected that firefighters should be taken care of when they are injured. However, the Pennsylvania Legislature is dealing with the unintended consequences of a new law that was designed to protect the rights of volunteer firefighters.

Steel sheets rain down, injure Pennsylvania wind turbine worker

If you are out and about in the work-a-day world, it doesn't much matter what kind of job you hold. You run the risk of injury. There are some jobs in Pennsylvania that may represent a higher risk of workplace accident and injury.

Pennsylvania Turnpike accident kills 1 worker, injures 2 others

Road crews keep our highways and streets in good working order, but their job exposes them to imminent dangers. Working in some instances just feet away from passing cars and trucks, workers must have strong nerves and trust that motorists will take the proper precautions to slow down and drive carefully when traveling through work zones.

Man in Italy entitled to workers' compensation for cellphone use

Many Philadelphia workers are frequently on their cellphones as part of their job. Logistical plans need to be drawn up, clients and partners need to receive communications and deals need to be closed. Cellphone use is simply unavoidable for employees of many businesses, especially those whose jobs require significant time away from the office.

Pennsylvania repairman killed by backhoe in workplace accident

A tragic accident has claimed the life of a construction machinery repairman in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. According to reports of the workplace accident, a company that owns and provides machinery to others had a backhoe that was not functioning properly. The owners requested the services of the repairman, who arrived at the company's property early last Friday to begin work on the piece of heavy machinery.

Turbulence causes high rate of workplace injuries to flight crews

We have all heard the pilot's message before: "We have reached our cruising altitude, and passengers are free to move about the cabin, but for those who remain seated, please keep your seatbelts fastened." But how many of us have ignored it, believing that there is no harm to unbuckling one's seatbelt in clear and calm skies?

Some state safety programs not doing enough to prevent injury

Last month on our Philadelphia blog we noted that the families of workers who were injured or killed on the job expressed disappointment that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was not coming down harder on companies where safety violations had occurred. Now it appears that it is the federal government's turn to express its dissatisfaction with some of the state-run occupational safety programs.

Workers' compensation award upheld for former football player

When people in Pennsylvania think of a workers' compensation claim, they may think of an injury sustained in a construction accident, a malfunction at a manufacturing plant or a similar situation involving heavy equipment and potentially dangerous conditions. Many of the posts on our blog have focused on such injuries. Professional sports, however, may not immediately come to mind.

New mining safety rule takes effect to reduce workplace injuries

Like many regions in the Appalachian Mountains, parts of Pennsylvania have a rich tradition of mining. But as generations of residents will attest, the business poses significant risks for those who work extracting valuable materials from the earth. The Mine Safety and Health Administration, an arm of the U.S. Department of Labor, gave roughly 158,000 citations to mines around the country in 2011 for rules violations.

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