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Workplace Accidents Archives

Pennsylvania school employee dies from explosion injuries

A 62-year-old facility mechanic in the Philadelphia school system passed away on May 18 in connection with injuries that he suffered in a workplace accident earlier in 2016. The January 13 accident occurred as the employee was attempting to bring a boiler online that had been out of service for the previous year. He suffered third-degree burns in the incident and was kept in a doctor-induced coma during the time following the injuries.

Safety agencies raise awareness for workplace safety

OSHA has teamed up with other safety organizations to increase awareness among employees and employers about risks in the construction and the gas and oil exploration industries. Pennsylvania workers may want to know that the Step Up for Safety campaign will run through March, and the National Safety Stand-Down will run May 2 to May 6.

Inspectors plan to reverse upward trend in mining deaths

Mine operators in Pennsylvania can expect increased inspections from the Mine Safety and Health Administration. A deadly day in which three miners lost their lives in separate accidents across the country prompted the agency's assistant secretary of labor to say that the spike in incidents at metal and non-metal mines will not be ignored.

Many types of workplace accidents in Pennsylvania

While it is true that some workplaces do tend to be a bit more dangerous than others, it is important to note that there are many different types of accidents that can occur, and there are many different injuries that people in Pennsylvania could suffer from. This means that any workplace can be potentially dangerous. Knowing what types of accidents can happen can help people see what their rights are and what legal action they need to take to make sure that they get proper compensation.

Trucker dies in workplace accident at PA loading dock

Earlier this month, a 56-year-old truck driver from Texas was killed in South Middleton Township after getting caught between two tractor-trailers at a loading dock. The unfortunate workplace accident is now under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Organization, the details of which are not currently being released.

Back, neck injury common among health care workers

Back and neck injuries and pain are among the most common impairments faced by Americans nowadays. In the workplace, back injury and pain is a particular risk in many professions, some more so than others. Healthcare is one of these industries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, musculoskeletal injuries are the greatest cause of workplace injury for those working in the field of healthcare.

PA trucker seeks over $75,000 for workplace injury

Workplace accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. When they do occur, it is important for injured workers to understand their options for recovery. Workers’ compensation, of course, is available for employees from their companies, but other compensation may be available. In addition to workers’ comp, injured employees may be able to file a personal injury against non-employer parties responsible for an accident.

Pennsylvania wax plant explosion injures worker

It may be unnerving to learn that many of Pennsylvania's workers operate in environments where explosions can occur. Employees, particularly those exposed to flammable chemicals, may unknowingly be at risk of fire injury or death when workplace accidents occur. When an explosion or fire occurs and a worker is injured, he or she may be left in a difficult financial situation.

Mulch elevator malfunction causes Pennsylvania workplace injuries

The machinery used in industrial operations is highly dangerous when used improperly or when it is inadequately maintained. Employees carry the responsibility of ensuring their employees are sufficiently trained to operate these machines and that routine maintenance keeps machinery in safe working order. Though administrative rules seek to regulate these issues to ensure safety, all too often lapses in workplace safety occur, leaving workers at risk of harm.

Pennsylvania Turnpike worker hurt in workplace accident

Many Pennsylvanians work on the roadways. Police officers, paramedics and construction workers all operate in these areas, which can be fraught with dangers. Not only are these individuals susceptible to dangerous machinery, but they must also contend with moving vehicles mere feet away from their unprotected persons. Sometimes motorists make mistakes that cause an accident and leave these workers injured.

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